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The miracle copolymer that can retain 500 times it's own weight in water

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2012 Ecology Award Winner

Miguel Aleman A.C. Foundation

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Sports Fields

Water is our most important natural resource, we must conserve it.

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Ensure your plants will grow big and strong with Water Silos.

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy you're beautiful green lawn.

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Cut that water bill down and reduce the times you water your lawn.

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Why use Water Silos?

ITESM / Tec de Monterrey
Universidad Azcapotzalco
International Society of Arboriculture (official publication)
FDA No. 21 CRF173.5
Bioagriccop IFOAM Accredited certification: International CODE IT BAC 008707
R.I.N. 2010-000062 (aduanas SUNAT) partida arancelaria 3906.90.29.00
SAGARPA Mexico No. SAGDR-331/E/VII95
France Ministry of Agriculture APV 8410030
OSHA No. 29 CFR 173 6
Reduce irrigations by 75%
Reduce Soil Erosion
Increases plant growth
Improves bulk density
Reduces water stress
Optimizes the use of Fertilizers
Optimizes the use of Nutrients
Optimizes the use of Agrochemicals
Don't be fooled by cheap imitation products made from sodium. Not only will this not last half as long as Water Silos but it can also be poisonous. Water Silos is 100% safe!

How to easily repair lawn patches:
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  • I wanted to add a note of thanks for a job well done. We appreciated your friendly and professional approach, particularly in supllying your quote in a good time and scheduling with all the information we required about your product and sticking to our plans. Ignacio was great to have around worked hard with his team to ensure the product was installed right into the existing landscape. As well as having a good feel for the job, they were considerate and obliging, especially around the needs of our Trees. We wish you well in future and contact you if anything else comes up.
    Lili & Davy Gonzalez
  • Dear WS team, Just a quick note to thank you for your work on our garden. It has now been a couple of months since you finished and the lawn is bedding in well and the planting grew and took shape. Everyone who has seen the garden has admired it and we are very happy with the results. Is hard to imagine it conserves it self GREEN under minimum watering’s. I know you took some photos, but I enclose some which we took recently which show our Green areas and pergola with the ‘finishing touches’ in place. Hope you guys are well, and if you ever want to use us as a reference please feel free.
    Ing. Roberto AlonzoCoca Cola - Maintenance Manager
  • I want to thank the whole team of engineers and people of Water Silos, we recently planted Maize in the State of Jalisco Mexico, in a hillside field with a 35 degree slope, rain fed temporarily, with periods of up to 1.5 months without one single drop of water, and we achieved a harvest of up to 21.5 TONS per Hectare. Not only did we downsize economic expenses related to the irrigation systems but we also saved time and more important OUR CROPS.
    Eusebio MartinezFarmer Maize